Spearheading decentralized innovation.
We regretfully announce that due to lack of sufficient investment ExHasta could not reach the Presale target
and there will be no crowdsale or further ICO. The Presale target was $350,000 USD out of which only
~$14,000 USD was gathered which doesn’t provide us with a budget to carry on our crowdsale, let alone
meet our existing expenses. We sincerely thank everyone who believed in the project and supported us, it means the
world to us. If you have comments or feedback feel free to share with us at [email protected]

A Moonshot is a high-risk, high-impact project aimed at changing the world with breakthrough technology, such as AI-controlled public transit, autonomous decentralized banks, and low-cost modular satellites. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is an example of a Moonshot project.

ExHasta uses the blockchain to fund the development of new Moonshot projects and auction, sell, and then freely distribute the intellectual property produced.

How does it work?

ExHasta Catalyst is the program in which ExHasta, led by the international collective function(core), develops Moonshot technology intellectual property (IP) and distributes it to a worldwide network of innovators at an extremely low cost. All IP developed will be released for sale in three phases on the blockchain. Innovators and disruptors are able to use their EXH tokens to buy Moonshot projects in whole or they can buy specific elements for use in spin-off companies and as an augmentation to their existing initiatives.

ExHasta Meridian is an innovator summit led by function(core) to train top talent and create powerful networks of disruptors. Innovators on the ExHasta platform can use their EXH tokens to submit their portfolio. Innovators are reviewed and ranked through different blind and public stages by all the other ExHasta users. Reviewers are rewarded with a portion of the application fees in the form of EXH tokens. Regardless of community ranking, all innovators who apply will receive access to exclusive digital content from the summit.

ExHasta Catalyst

All the intellectual property we develop for our Moonshot projects will be available on ExHasta Catalyst, including designs, blueprints, source code, patent/trademark licenses, research documents, hardware specifications, deployment plans, timelines, budget estimates, contracts, team compositions, management structures, and more. Platform users can purchase intellectual property to quickly spin-up their own versions of our Moonshots or purchase a-la-carte elements and reports to augment their own initiatives or to spin-off the technologies into other projects.


Example concepts:

  • project Mercury is an ever-evolving AI-powered real-time public transit system that is the first leap towards fully autonomous public transit.


  • project Oceanus is an ethical, high-transparency bank that incentivizes social spending and peer-to-peer micro-lending.


  • project Aggaros is a modular satellite infrastructure designed for advanced orbital retrofitting and services to accelerate the Cislunar economy.
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ExHasta Meridian

ExHasta Meridian brings together exceptional individuals for an all-expense paid month to cultivate their skills through applied training sessions, mentorships, guest lectures, team shadowing, and workshops. Participants connect 1-on-1 with our team, our corporate sponsors, and our invited guests to create an exponential network of innovators.


Applicants are ranked & reviewed by other platform users that receive a portion of the application fee in the form of EXH tokens for their work in curating the top 20 applicants that will attend the next session. All applicants to the Meridian, including those that are not selected to attend the retreat, will receive digital access to session content including live streams, any publications and documents, Q&A sessions, online forum access, workshop materials, and more.

Budget distribution


Crowdsale minimum

Crowdsale ideal

Crowdsale maximum


 October 2017  Public launch & pre-sale
 November 2017 Crowdsale
 December 2017 – February 2018 Meridian platform development
 March 2018 – June 2018 Catalyst platform development
December 2017 – February 2018 Meridian development
March 2018 – Aprill 2018 Applications open
May 2018 Community curation
June 2018 Meridian summit
July 2018 – August 2018 Applications open
September 2018 Community curation
October 2018 Meridian summit
November 2018 – December 2018 Applications open
January 2019 Community curation
February 2019 Meridian summit
Moonshot project 1 Moonshot project 2 Moonshot project 3 Moonshot project 4
May 2018 Begin Moonshot
May 2019 Begin Moonshot
July 2019 Limited-quantity IP auction begins
February 2020 Low-cost public IP sale begins
May 2020 Begin Moonshot
July 2020 Limited-quantity IP auction begins
November 2020 Free IP distribution begins
February 2021 Low-cost public IP sale begins
May 2021 Begin Moonshot
July 2021 Limited-quantity IP auction begins
November 2021 Free IP distribution begins
February 2022 Low-cost public IP sale begins
July 2022 Limited-quantity IP auction begins
November 2022 Free IP distribution begins
February 2023 Low-cost public IP sale begins
November 2023 Free IP distribution begins

Why Blockchain

Decentralized innovation

Our business model doesn’t require a long-term monopolization and monetization of intellectual property (IP). This allows us to spearhead R&D and validation of Moonshot projects and then distribute all the IP to the masses of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who can either create startups using the IP or spin-off specific elements of the technology to augment their own initiatives. Our goal is to get powerful IP into the hands of people around the world at an extremely low cost to them. Blockchain allows us to distribute to a global community without censorship, borders, or investor/shareholder control getting in the way.

Community talent curation

ExHasta is a platform from innovators, for innovators. The blockchain has created a global community and that community should have a say in who can represent it. Anyone can create a profile and submit their biography, portfolio, C.V., or resume to demonstrate why they should attend the ExHasta Meridian. Platform users are invited to rank and review applicants in tiers in exchange for a portion of the application fee in the form of tokens. EXH tokens are distributed to groups of users that come to a consensus during the review phases.

Our Team

function(core) is the team behind ExHasta. We are a transdisciplinary and international collective composed of scientists, musicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, actors, architects, physicists, chemists, futurists, writers, and creative technologists.


Click on our team members to learn more.

Elburz Sorkhabi
Dr. Jacopo Panerati
Cecilia Tham
Dr Niamh Shaw
Carlos Manuel Entrena Utrilla
Oriol Gasquez
Amy Truong
Izan Peris Marti
Kristen Smith
Colin Gibson
Saho Yajima

Our Advisors

Our advisors are innovators and pioneers in their respective fields. We are honoured to have them supporting ExHasta.

Click on our advisors to learn more.

 James Allen Dator
05.09.2013, San Francisco - Pascal Finette

photo: Marko Priske

© 2013 www.markopriske.de
phone: +49 170 4818957
Pascal Finette
Byron Kent Wong
Jayar La Fontaine
DigitalK 2015, 22 May 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria. Image ©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media - http://www.heisenbergmedia.com/
Robin Wauters
Terry Woltman

Previous clients

Our team have previously consulted and created solutions for leading firms, government agencies, artists, festivals, and universities.

Previous clients

Our team have previously consulted and created solutions for leading firms, government agencies, artists, festivals, and universities.

Token sale details

How much are EXH tokens worth?

The price of an EXH token will be fixed on the first day of the pre-sale based on the ETH equivalent of $1 USD as listed on the exchange with the largest volume in USD/ETH on that day.

When is the token crowdsale?

The crowdsale will begin on October 27, 2017 at 19:00:00 UTC and will end on November 24, 2017 at 19:00:00 UTC.

What is the fundraising goal of the pre-sale?

There is a cap of 500,000 EXH tokens available during the pre-sale to reach a funding goal of $350,000 USD. We are willing to discuss special terms with institutional investors. EXH tokens from the pre-sale will not be refunded in the event of not reaching the pre-sale fundraising goal.

What happens if the minimum fundraising goal is not reached during the crowdsale?

If we have raised less than $4,000,000 USD by the end of the crowdsale based on amount of raised ETH converted to USD based on the rates of the exchange with the largest volume in USD/ETH on that day, we will refund all tokens raised during the crowdsale. In the event that we have raised more than $4,000,000 USD but less than $5,300,000 USD, we may choose to extend the crowdsale to meet the minimum funding goal. If we are not able to reach the minimum fundraising goal with the extension of the crowdsale, we will refund all tokens raised during the crowdsale and its extension.

Is there a limit on buying tokens during the token sale?

There is no limit on the amount of tokens that can be bought per person during the pre-sale or the crowdsale.

What can you do with EXH tokens?

● Purchase Moonshot project IP on ExHasta Catalyst developed by function(core)
● Apply to attend ExHasta Meridian and access digital libraries, forums, and content

Are there any refunds if something goes wrong with my transaction?

There will be no refunds provided in situations including, but not limited to:

  • Paying the wrong wallet address
  • Being scammed by a third-party
  • Not using the correct platform
  • Losing your wallet information
  • Losing your tokens by not abiding by our website’s Terms of Use and our token’s Terms and Conditions
When is the token pre-sale?

The token pre-sale will begin on October 19, 2017 at 19:00:00 UTC and will end on October 26, 2017 at 19:00:00 UTC.

Will there be any discounts on EXH tokens?

There will be 5 discount tiers during the campaign. Discounts will be:

  • 30% off during the pre-sale
  • 20% off during week 1 of the crowdsale
  • 15% off during week 2 of the crowdsale
  • 10% off during week 3 of the crowdsale
  • 5% off during week 4 of the crowdsale
What are the minimum and maximum fundraising goals for the crowdsale?

We have a minimum fundraising goal of $5,300,000 USD and a maximum fundraising goal of $25,000,000 USD. Our minimum fundraising goal will provide us with a runway of 2 years to develop ExHasta Catalyst and host 5 ExHasta Meridian summits while our maximum fundraising goal provides us with a 4 year runway and increased IP development budgets and will allow us to host 11 ExHasta Meridian summits.

Is there a cap on the available tokens?

There is a fixed supply of 33,000,000 EXH tokens that will be created. Tokens cannot be mined after the token sale. Tokens remaining at the end of the crowdsale will be burned.

What currencies can be used to buy EXH tokens?

EXH tokens can only be bought using Ether.

Where can I buy EXH tokens?

EXH tokens can be bought at www.exhasta.com or by sending ETH to the smart contract address that will be posted shortly before the pre-sale.


Who will work on the Moonshot projects?

function(core) leads development of the Moonshot projects. We bring on extra team members as required for each project. We provide options for the external contractors to continue their work on the Moonshot when we sell our acquired assets and transfer the working team to a third-party.

How does your team work?

We are a fully remote team spread across the world (currently 9 time zones from Hawaii to Japan). Most of our development is remote and asynchronous unless the project development requires otherwise. Because we are a remote team, we have a minimum of three one-month blocks in the year pre-allocated to assembling in one place to work synchronously on the Moonshots. These pre-allocated one-month blocks align with ExHasta Meridian summits.

What do innovators do at a Meridian summit?

Innovators attending the Meridian summit will be a part of a program developed by the transdisciplinary function(core) team. The program includes:


  • Training sessions
  • Workshops
  • Shadowing our work sessions on Moonshot projects
  • Guest lectures
  • Networking events
  • Use of our company infrastructure and perks
  • Access to a worldwide network of mentors & collaborators


What innovators won’t be directly doing is working on our Moonshot projects. Attendees are welcome to shadow our team in the process, learn about our process first-hand, and see our team in action, but they aren’t attending the Meridian summit to work on projects. If we find that an innovator is a good fit to work on a project, we will contract them and pay them for their time. The purpose of their attendance is to augment their abilities and networks and our program focuses on that.

How will intellectual property be auctioned and sold?

Wherever possible, we strive to make our intellectual property auctions and sales as accessible as possible. With this in mind, we will implement both processes as autonomous smart contracts that can manage both intellectual property auctions and sales.


The prices of auctions are driven by the buyers. We begin auctions at low prices (ideally in the hundreds of $USD) and let the demand of users determine the value of the first-to-market and time advantages associated with the limited-quantity auction. The prices of intellectual property during the public sale are extremely low (ideally in the tens of $USD) to allow them to take advantage of network effects.


Both the auction and public sale of intellectual property are auxiliary revenue streams in our business model, allowing us to stay true to our goals of distributing Moonshot technology to innovators around the world at an extremely low cost.

We will specify further details upon successful crowdsale when we begin more in-depth technical specifications of our platform.

How many projects will you make?

The amount of Moonshot concepts we develop depends on the amount of funds we raise. Our minimum fundraising goal will see us through at least two Moonshot concepts. Our ideal fundraising goal will allow us to develop at least three Moonshot concepts. Our maximum fundraising goal will allow us to develop at least four Moonshot concepts.

Why is your staff salary average so high?

It is important to note that they are also averages, so there will be a range of salaries. High-tech job salaries at leading companies are generally increasing in an attempt to attract top talent. In addition to increasing salaries, tech companies invest heavily in employee benefits (healthcare and free meals) and optimal work environments (fitness rooms and nap rooms). We are no different.


A software engineer in San Francisco earns more than $100,000 USD with only a few years experience, thus it isn’t strange that a team with our pedigree of innovation and experience would have a starting salary average salary of $100,000 USD. In fact, this is actually quite a low salary and many of our team members will be earning less income at our minimum fundraising goal when compared to their existing positions. If our starting salary average was any lower, we wouldn’t have the same caliber team.


Our work is also extremely intensive when compared to the average tech company employee. Our work requires that team members leave their other lucrative initiative and dedicate themselves fully to our Moonshots. If our average salary doesn’t scale upwards to $175,000 USD to reflect the intensity and required dedication then our team would have trouble sustaining itself.

How can the token buyers check your progress on Moonshots?

We will create a regular content release schedule to maximize transparency and project updates without negatively impacting our development schedules. Many of our team have backgrounds in media and communications, thus we understand the benefits of open communications and documenting our processes along the way. We will create updates in different formats such as videos interviews with team members about the Moonshots, audio podcast discussions with multiple team members, and Medium & blog posts detailing progress and schedules.

Is there a bounty campaign?

Yes, there is a maximum of 1% of the total tokens allocated for the bounty campaign. You can learn more at the Bitcointalk announcement thread and the Bitcointalk bounty thread.